Approachable [adjective]

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On one hand, researchers have found that being a mother makes female politicians seem warmer or more approachable to voters.

Compared to other adventure sports, bouldering is relatively approachable and affordable—all you need are shoes and chalk, and gyms are plentiful these days, with the cost of a day pass usually under $30.

We should note these are relatively approachable intern-led projects at Google which ought to be consumable by moderate to higher level programmers in one or more of these languages.

Having one that is approachable and encourages open communication fosters engagement, even in a time when virtual interactions are more the norm.

Learning about failure also makes science more approachable.

He was close beside her, and approachable as ever; and Charley held Mrs. Dana and Lynn in conversation.

This spur is one of the few points from which the mass of the Mont Cervin is in anywise approachable.

Miss Poppleton was not an approachable person, and except in extreme cases her pupils did not venture to get up deputations.

He stands in violent contrast with the bombastic heroes of all times—modest, gentle-hearted, and always approachable.

It brought God near to them, holding converse with them, and approachable by them.