Inaccessible [adjective]

Definition of Inaccessible:

out of reach

Synonyms of Inaccessible:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inaccessible:

Sentence/Example of Inaccessible:

Obstacles including war, migrating populations, difficult terrain and lack of vaccine acceptance have created pockets of inaccessible children, he says.

Luckily, there’s a place where sunshine is abundant, where the grid is inaccessible, where price is no object, and where there’s nothing but room.

Probably the swallows were nesting in the cenote although the nests were inaccessible to view.

I am certain this bird had a nest there, though the place was too inaccessible to be examined closely.

Gas, it is clear, could not be carried into a hostile country or into remote and nearly inaccessible districts.

The different communities of the Church should not stand in intrenchments inaccessible to each other.

They take care, however, to place their nests in tolerably inaccessible places that cannot well be reached without a rope.

We were very close to it, and all agreed that we never saw so hard-looking and inaccessible a place.

On the very summit of one of these is perched a ruined castle, whose inaccessible position discouraged nearer acquaintance.

He took an apartment in the Temple, turned his back on his friends, and became an inaccessible hermit.