Unavailable [adjective]

Definition of Unavailable:

not available

Synonyms of Unavailable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unavailable:

Sentence/Example of Unavailable:

It had been broken off, and this means of egress was unavailable.

If the photophore is unavailable, a hot-water bottle may be applied.

I mailed it next day to the Knickerbocker, with stamps for return if unavailable.

Three more were unavailable while their damages were being slowly repaired.

He has been abused about the western banks and the unavailable funds.

After a time the story was returned as unavailable for the magazine.

As the principal supply was German, it has been unavailable.

It seemed that for a thousand reasons a cow and a sledge were unavailable.

Had I not lived close by, the time necessary to get medical aid from a greater distance might have rendered it unavailable.

But this man had taken the trouble to explain why it was unavailable.