Unworkable [adjective]

Definition of Unworkable:


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Sentence/Example of Unworkable:

The starboard boats were unworkable owing to the list to port.

She had split her rudder-post so as to make her unworkable, and now we have her in tow.

He found it impossible, unworkable, and therefore not beautiful.

The Palmer diggings are now deserted, as they are said to be unworkable.

Conscription in Ireland would be "impracticable, unworkable and impossible."

This is no doubt a remedy for some of the evils of an unworkable proposal.

The "economy of the heap" (tas) appears to Reclus, at any rate in the province of agriculture, to be unworkable.

The constitution was unworkable and the governing authorities were mutually hostile.

No one probably wished to continue a system which had long proved itself obsolete and unworkable.

The alchemical explanation was superficial, theoretical, in the wrong meaning of that word, and unworkable.