Inconceivable [adjective]

Definition of Inconceivable:

beyond reason, belief

Synonyms of Inconceivable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inconceivable:

Sentence/Example of Inconceivable:

This is at once unsurprising, since he had so spectacularly destroyed himself in his 60 years on earth, and inconceivable.

If the idea of that is just inconceivable to you, then I hope you’ll consider taking the whole father issue to therapy.

This is a failure of the election machine in a way that just one year ago might have seemed inconceivable.

Castañeda told the Blade the idea of ​​a “deflected bullet” that struck the ground and ended Giraldo’s life is inconceivable because the type of weapons that soldiers use shoots multiple bullets and not just one.

It’s inconceivable that Russia and China will not launch similar plans.

He called this bias “inconceivable,” because “science is truth.”

Don't you remember my telling you that Liszt has an inconceivable lightness, swiftness and smoothness of execution?

An inconceivable revolution in the thought of the English speaking peoples has taken place in respect to it.

It would have seemed inconceivable before, that a man of great wealth should give one-half of his income to the state.

It was thrown by a very dirty lamp, and disclosed a small court of unutterable meanness and inconceivable smells.