Irreparable [adjective]

Definition of Irreparable:

unable to be fixed

Synonyms of Irreparable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Irreparable:

Sentence/Example of Irreparable:

Doing so would be a violation of my oath, do irreparable harm to our great democracy and set a dangerous precedent for future elections.

“The delay may have caused irreparable harm to countless small businesses that had to wait on the sideliness while large and well-connected firms were served—a clear failure to meet the objective of the PPP,” she said.

Indeed the mere absence of such warnings for one stormy night would certainly result in loss irreparable to life and property.

Captain Frank Johnson, died in Philadelphia in 1844, universally respected, and regretted as an irreparable loss to society.

The moment passed by for ever; Eric had listened without objection to foul words, and the irreparable harm was done.

If he fell, the monument would find itself bereft of all its elegance, split as by some long and irreparable crack.

I tried to maintain to myself that this hidden love made no difference to the now irreparable breach between husband and wife.

This he stated to his audience, with many a regret for so irreparable a loss.

But the most certain and irreparable loss of the Romans was that of time.

He soon discovered his error, and bewailed the irreparable loss.