Unreachable [adjective]

Definition of Unreachable:


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Sentence/Example of Unreachable:

The real, unknown part of myself, my unreachable soul, is in your eyes.

I was aware of being wounded in some far, unreachable place.

To us, in those years, Europe seemed almost as remote and unreachable as the moon.

Shakespeare here justifies the claim on his behalf to be placed alone and unreachable.

Rather one is pushed from behind and drawn from in front to an ever unreachable goal.

It is difficult to keep the core in place, since it is unreachable, being placed in the interior of the bobbin.

"The Captain" seemed as remote and unreachable as though the length in feet that separated us had been miles.

This was perched up, however, at such an unreachable height from the ground, that the bed was on a level with Mrs. Lyndsay's chin.

He stood behind a steel network of banks and lawyers and anonymities, unreachable.

But even with that explanation, is it not like an unreachable ideal that Paul puts forward here?