Obtainable [adjective]

Definition of Obtainable:

achievable, available

Synonyms of Obtainable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Obtainable:

Sentence/Example of Obtainable:

Where such a flame is not obtainable, a hot carbon rod is used.

Surely the information is obtainable, if not from Mr. Morley, then from some other source.

No gold nor ivory nor other article of value was obtainable.

Only by doing the will of the Father is the saving grace of the Son obtainable.

Meat is often used—when obtainable—dried, in strips, generally of beef.

Rarely for sale in nurseries, but obtainable from collectors.

The rest of the band were in the story below them, from which a view was also obtainable.

But they were more addicted to horse and donkey flesh if obtainable.

He had ascertained that no picture post cards of it were obtainable in the village.

The duration of the light in this case far exceeds that obtainable with rods.