Derivable [adjective]

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Physicists then sum up the probabilities at every instant to derive the average tunneling time.

Sodium citrate is a form of citric acid, which is derived from citrus fruits.

Recently, burners have been able to apply for funds derived from California’s cap-and-trade climate program.

I want to know a little bit about the population for whom this ketamine-derived drug is most successful.

We compared this growth to brain-derived nerve-growth, and discovered that baeocystin and norbaeocystin excite neurons over and above baseline, providing a proliferation of neurons within 12 days, up to 22 percent over controls.

To satisfy the need for timely data, government statistical releases are generally based on surveys, but response rates to those surveys have fallen during the pandemic, bringing into question the accuracy of numbers derived from them.

Moreover, the style of application code derived with the help of React components can be used for any program’s interface which significantly speeds the process up.

That means businesses might still be able to derive benefits from using these quantum techniques today.

Alberta’s energy wealth is derived primarily from the so-called oil sands located in the region’s north.

As helpful as horse-derived antibodies can be, “the human immune system will recognize them as foreign,” Laustsen notes, and may launch an attack.