Gushing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Gushing:

Gushing waters thrilled the ears with the sweetness of an old familiar song.

Thy gushing tears in torrents flow,Thy bosom pants in wild affright!

Mrs. Carlson struggled to her knees at the sound of it, lifting her moaning cry again at the sight of his gushing blood.

I felt the tears gushing into my eyes, and hastily rising, I left the room.

As the blood came gushing forth, staining her white armour red, she uttered a little cry and her lips grew pale.

His literary works hitherto had been spasmodic and lawless effusions, the escapes of a gushing, turbulent youth.

The blood, gushing freely from the wound, nearly strangled him before his visor could be raised.

The ice gave a terrific crack, and the water came gushing through the crevasse.

Mrs. Champney was apt to snap out at Aileen when, according to her idea, she was "gushing" too much.

Brief as was always the twilight there, never had the gushing in of light appeared so hasty, so peremptory as now.