Indicative [adjective]

Definition of Indicative:


Opposite/Antonyms of Indicative:


Sentence/Example of Indicative:

While Facebook trumpeted the success of the titles in the Oculus store, it declined to share information on the average costs of VR game development, making it unclear if the $1 million revenue figures were truly indicative of financial success.

That long wait is indicative of the wild ride this stationary bicycle company has been on since it went public in September 2019.

Increased political polarization is another reason why fewer counties are consistently indicative of presidential results in recent years.

In an interview, Hogg said the run-in with Greene is indicative of the near-constant harassment he receives, including numerous death threats.

The colors for metrics in the timings lane are not indicative of a score.

On the first possession of the second half, Michigan’s Eli Brooks made a three, indicative of a dominance that continued as the second half progressed.

They all are indicative of different grades of approval from your audience.

Sette says that high a level of efficacy is probably indicative that the vaccine can produce a robust immune response in a broad majority of people.

These changes are indicative of the challenges of building a digital experience strategy on tactics and channels that are inherently rented.

The Adam & Eve inspirations in the video may catch your eye, but Rotimi says it’s indicative of the sanctuary they’ve built for themselves inside this chaotic state of our world.