Inauspicious [adjective]

Definition of Inauspicious:

ominous, unpromising

Synonyms of Inauspicious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inauspicious:

Sentence/Example of Inauspicious:

Surface temperatures across 2020 indicated it was in the running to beat 2016’s inauspicious record, and 2021 could be worse still.

There is never a good time for a government to be seen ignoring the recommendations of its scientific advisers, but the timing here is particularly inauspicious.

On the whole, the beginning was not inauspicious, though there might be a doubt whether old Mrs. Hall would keep all her promises.

Dick, who had heard nothing of the matter, was up first on that inauspicious day, and took the journal to an arbour in the garden.

On one such inauspicious day, the young poet Junius came into a square, thronged with the grieving populace.

The Bishop accordingly opened his book and commenced the marriage ceremony, under circumstances so novel and so inauspicious.

Such an event being considered inauspicious in China, the Emperor decreed that the new year should begin on the previous day.

The marriage took place under very inauspicious circumstances.

All fast-days and vigils should also be avoided as marriage-days, they being considered inauspicious.

Two brothers and a sister made at the same time a like inauspicious entrance upon an alien and fettered existence.