Promising [adjective]

Definition of Promising:


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Opposite/Antonyms of Promising:

Sentence/Example of Promising:

The view was very extensive but not promising--spinifex being in every direction.

But this man was promising me more than she had done, and his every word was measured.

He begged and implored that his life might be spared, promising to tell all that might be asked of him.

There goes one of the finest and most promising young men in this town.

She left her, therefore, taking the other Sister with her, and promising to see to everything.

She had resolved to select the place with the most promising name.

He was only six years of age, but a promising and most lovely infant.

After promising myself that I would say nothing of it to you.

I entered the first tavern that hove insight, he promising to “stay about.”

Bad business, this promising a written Constitution—The deluge breaks.