Auspicious [adjective]

Definition of Auspicious:

encouraging; favorable

Synonyms of Auspicious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Auspicious:

Sentence/Example of Auspicious:

There were plenty of technical issues at first, leading to a less than auspicious first impression.

She takes over the position at an auspicious time for the newspaper.

In June 2013, the team called up Yasiel Puig, whose auspicious debut ended with him running down a warning-track fly ball and, still backpedaling, firing it to first for the game’s final two outs.

We soon found opportunity for another deed of charity not dissimilar to this, though its result was more auspicious.

Augustine skilfully seized the auspicious moment; she threw herself into her husband's arms, and pointed to the portrait.

He entered upon his government under auspicious circumstances.

It was at this auspicious moment that Meade's division advanced alone to pierce the Rebel line.

It was an auspicious moment,—a golden opportunity, such as does not often come to military commanders.

The British Ministry kept looking for the auspicious opportunity for several months thereafter.

For thy good-will is auspicious, and most gracious, hence we desire thy protection alone.