Unfortunate [adjective]

Definition of Unfortunate:

unlucky, bad

Opposite/Antonyms of Unfortunate:

Sentence/Example of Unfortunate:

It was unfortunate as to time, owing to the condition of affairs in Italy.

She had just taken the class, and was so unfortunate as not to be acquainted with their names.

The unfortunate victim of the law came perilously close to despair then.

It would have been unfortunate if it were otherwise, for he is very poor indeed.

You have an unfortunate way, Eileen, of defeating your own ends.

Whether a folly or no, the house was certainly an unfortunate one.

It was only his unfortunate and transparent manner of speakin'.

Pity for this unfortunate Irishman recalled Ireland to my thoughts.

I continued the descent, and crossed the creek to where the unfortunate Tulp was waiting for me.

Their work was over, but an unfortunate accident marred its conclusion.