Burdened [adjective]

Definition of Burdened:

weighed down

Synonyms of Burdened:

Opposite/Antonyms of Burdened:

Sentence/Example of Burdened:

The researchers compared data from socioeconomically challenged Zip codes in seven states including Maryland to data from less burdened Zip codes and found the risk was far higher in challenged areas nearly across the board.

Mademoiselle leaned against the table, which was still burdened by the empty coffin, and observed him.

I thought that solitude would now be a relief to me; that to weep would somewhat ease my burdened heart?

They came with that ghastly mechanical rhythmic tread, eyes staring, backs burdened.

My child, I have called you to me because you have seemed so pale, and I fear you have burdened yourself beyond your strength.

Trellises, burdened with ripening grapes, were the boundary line between the garden and the orchard.

A mist fell over her sight—then cleared, as one long choking sob relieved her burdened breast.

Under the feudal system, the land was held in trust and burdened with the support of the soldiery.

Hot as the weather was, the men were burdened with knapsacks containing provisions for three days.

It is said by others that feeling himself burdened with age, he retained his breath, and was thus the cause of his own death.