Laden [adjective]

Definition of Laden:

loaded down

Synonyms of Laden:

Opposite/Antonyms of Laden:

Sentence/Example of Laden:

As unnerving as plastic-laden tuna may sound, researchers say that the main way humans are exposed to microplastics is probably through breathing.

Despite Kucherov’s absence, the Lightning are still a talent-laden team, with many of the same players who helped them to the Stanley Cup last September.

The Rams will rely on a star-laden roster that now features Stafford to go with defensive tackle Aaron Donald and cornerback Jalen Ramsey.

Getting nitpicked like this is a rite of passage for coaches of superstar-laden teams.

Determining who gets to make the call that something is false is laden with challenges of bias and manipulation.

The basement has a mini gym and the top floor is laden with Korean mats.

For those not already familiar with the STEM toy, kids snap together the magnetic blocks to build sensor-laden robots and program them via a drag-and-drop coding interface in the companion app.

The tops of the hills were laden with thunder-clouds, and the turbid atmosphere laboured with the stifling Sirocco.

A few days after, three galliots arrived from Macan, laden with a rich cargo of silks and other merchandise.

We have said it had been lightly laden at starting, which was the reason of the tremendous pace at which it travelled.