Hampered [verb]

Definition of Hampered:

impede, restrict

Synonyms of Hampered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hampered:

Sentence/Example of Hampered:

Hitherto we have been hampered at every turn by the supposed obstacle of immutable economic laws.

Shorthouse, shuffling with the key and hampered by the steady weight on his arm, certainly felt the solemnity of the moment.

My companion and I, although hampered by the darkness, penetrated some miles toward New River.

But he was young, had had small practice in society, was somewhat hampered by modesty, and so sometimes made a blunder.

English bridge-builders are somewhat hampered in adopting rational limits of working stress by the rules of the Board of Trade.

The future is quite enough hampered with the past, without setting anticipatory traps and springes for unwary feet.

For a moment our bleeding and hampered young gladiator seemed to be in a bad way.

This outbreak led to a joint British and German blockade, which seriously hampered trade operations.

Hampered by her too eager desire to please, her wits and her knowledge vanished in one absorbing feeling.

The worthy Councilman, ever hampered and incommoded by his military equipment, had rid himself of it in the moment of battle.