Fetter [verb]

Definition of Fetter:

tie up, hold

Synonyms of Fetter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fetter:

Sentence/Example of Fetter:

I wonder how it comes,” he asked, “that all these strangers are so quick afoot, and we must drag about our fetter?

He was a grave lad; he had no mind to dance himself; he wore his fetter manfully, and tended his ulcer without complaint.

He thought to leave the fetter where it lay, but when he turned to go, his mind was otherwise.

When politics possess the soul, they fetter it with contemptible pride, paltry ambitions.

Taking this fetter to the wolf, they bade him try his strength on it.

The stallion seemed to know that it was a fetter which had touched him, for he shot away from the man like lightning.

Despotism cannot fetter thought—that is free everywhere—but it can and does restrain its outworking into practical action.

Yet nothing that could in any way fetter his editorial independence or freedom of action could he permit.

It was because the wedding-ring was a fetter that constrained my wife, body and soul; because I was as inflexible as steel.

Be they of iron or of silk, the good wife discovereth not; for it is only in an unholy struggle that they bind and fetter.