Manacle [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Manacle:

So Craddock lay back again with a groan, and continued to work at the manacle which still held his right wrist.

It was too dear, and silly and pathetic in Christina, but it seemed to manacle her.

But should she clench her dimpled fists,Or contradict her betters, I'd manacle her tiny wristsWith dainty jewelled fetters.

He went to the door, opened it, and stood studying the gale that beat upon his cottage-front, straight from the Manacle Reef.

I, with my handful of broken life, to let you manacle your splendid years to a lump of stone?

Finally he leaned over the desk and shouted down to a reporter, "Thank God there is no manacle for the printing-press."

Leaping to their feet together, they bounded down upon Ralph, and laying firm hold upon him tried to manacle him.

No marriage, honestly entered into, honestly lived out, could be a machine-wrought manacle.

My loved and lovely Soul has worn it through the ages: manacle, shackle.

She rose and waited patiently while the manacle was affixed to her wrist.