Iron [adjective]

Definition of Iron:

hard, tough; inflexible

Synonyms of Iron:

Opposite/Antonyms of Iron:

Sentence/Example of Iron:

Without ironing out these issues, which could take years, scientists should not proceed with any clinical applications, the report said.

The meeting with the king and the crown prince in Manama created momentum and Kushner felt he might be able to get an agreement then, but decided to give more time to iron out details, sources familiar with the issue told me.

These rules, too, were not enforced, so the researchers checked whether those with low iron or high inflammation were less likely to respond.

There appear to be two main reasons why WarnerMedia would still be ironing out HBO Max’s advertising pitch.

Amazon is striking while the iron is hot with the Halo band, and a number of companies that have had continued success in Asia could potentially find an opening in the market.

His group of basically 12 core ministers, which he kept very, very consistent over the last eight years, ruled Japan with an iron grip, extremely coordinated.

Britain did it with its groundbreaking Crystal Palace at the first world’s fair in 1851, its 293,000 panes of glass held together by 1,000 iron columns.

Music Watson, a spokeswoman for the San Diego County Office of Education, acknowledged lots of details still need to be ironed out, but said the agency supports child care on campuses in theory.

E-waste also contains so many valuable recoverable metals, such as iron, copper and gold, that it essentially represents an “urban mine,” the report states.

Ferritin slowly releases electrically charged iron atoms, known as iron ions.