Implacable [adjective]

Definition of Implacable:

merciless, cruel

Synonyms of Implacable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Implacable:

Sentence/Example of Implacable:

Hence it was that he found in Great Britain an implacable enemy ever stirring up against him European coalitions.

But the loathsome death of this brutal voluptuary soon delivered the church from the most implacable of its foes.

But this way of dealing with the message was far too mild and moderate to satisfy the implacable malice of Howe.

But the implacable Venus stares through the world with her steady marble eyes.

Ren took them in at the door, with his rifle in the hollow of his arm, and he was as implacable as a ticket taker at the opera.

It was ever-present, implacable and sinister, yet so long as its fetters held, easily controlled.

A God filled with implacable fury, is He a God in whom we can find a shadow of charity or goodness?

Can this God, who died to appease the implacable fury of His Father, serve as an example which men ought to follow?

The implacable patient declared that he admired what he called my evangelical moderation.

Inexhaustibly kind to undeserved misfortune, a little impatient of mere incompetence, implacable to continuous idiocy.