Vindictive [adjective]

Definition of Vindictive:

hateful, revengeful

Synonyms of Vindictive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vindictive:

Sentence/Example of Vindictive:

And it's the devil's own labour I've had to prevail upon them not to be vindictive.

Such were the sops with which he sought to quench his vindictive rage.

He was no longer bitter and vindictive, as he had been in the days of his degradation.

If she was vengeful and vindictive, it was what the country had made her.

But that man Granger must have been a vindictive brute to carry it so far.

They declare now that I'm vindictive because I got the scoundrel discharged!

Now it was some impulse of vindictive passion, now of benevolence.

Vindictive and revengeful, the wily enemy was fighting to the end.

The European is loud, contemptuous, and abusive; the Malay cool and vindictive.

He was vindictive, ruthless, treacherous, but his courage was indomitable.