Resentful [adjective]

Definition of Resentful:


Opposite/Antonyms of Resentful:

Sentence/Example of Resentful:

She saw the lift of her head, the incredulous, resentful look in her eyes.

And on his countenance there was a sour, querulous, resentful expression.

It is enough that we will not be proud, resentful, or unforgiving.

Yes, I dealt sorely with you there, and you are right to be resentful.

"She told you about me," she charged, with resentful stress.

"I didn't mean to disturb any one," said Dick, sulky and resentful.

He turned to cast a quizzical glance at the back of the resentful lover.

Till then his tone had been resentful, dull, without sarcasm.

And only then did Schomberg look up with a dull, resentful expression.

Paul might bring on notoriety by some fierce, resentful act.