Vitriolic [adjective]

Definition of Vitriolic:


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Sentence/Example of Vitriolic:

He let loose some vitriolic verbiage, using Drake as the objective-point.

Even that place of security did not, however, save him from her vitriolic tongue.

But Casey got him outside and administered a vitriolic lecture that had some effect.

Proclamations blossomed on every tree, couched in vitriolic language.

She was in one of her vitriolic moods now because of the Lusitania.

On this account this acid is said to be weaker than the vitriolic.

Others read into it piercing innuendoes and vitriolic sarcasm.

Lawler said nothing in reply to Blackburn's vitriolic speech.

The press of the third decade of the last century was high-priced and vitriolic.

Trotzky assailed the Coalition Government with vitriolic passion.