Caustic [adjective]

Definition of Caustic:

burning, corrosive

Synonyms of Caustic:

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Sentence/Example of Caustic:

The caustic electrolyte in conventional zinc-air batteries can also degrade the cathode and anode.

He is referring to the censors, and explains that he is withholding certain “poetic references” and “caustic comment.”

To extract usable fibers from wood pulp, workers have to apply a sequential mix of caustic chemicals, and are exposed along the way to carbon disulfide, a volatile byproduct that can cause everything from priapism to death by respiratory failure.

Amorphous urates are readily soluble in caustic soda solutions.

Crystals of calcium oxalate are insoluble in acetic acid or caustic soda.

This I attribute to the potash being in a little more caustic condition than when recrystallised with iodine.

Page after page—full of caustic satire, humorous sally and profound epigram—fairly bristles with merriment.

Mr. Stanley replied in a speech of caustic severity, which the agitators of Ireland have never forgotten or forgiven.

It must be confessed that Nash is chiefly famous as a caustic pamphleteer and an unscrupulous satirist.

Furthermore, fisetin should give protocatechuic acid and phloroglucinol by fusion with caustic potash under proper conditions.