Astringent [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Astringent:

While fuyus can be eaten raw and crunchy, hachiyas are mouth-puckeringly astringent until they’re very ripe.

If you taste one before it is ripe, the fruit’s sour and astringent qualities will flood your taste buds with a horrible cottony sensation.

The extreme sharpness of the air acted on his nerves like an astringent, and braced them swiftly.

I was unable to locate any of the ordinary astringent drugs, such as kino, krameria, or nutgall.

This fruit is very astringent and bitter, and on being cut, a juice flows from it which is at first yellow, but soon turns black.

It is powerfully styptic and astringent; and is used chiefly as an external application in cancer.

Its roots, of a deep red hue, are distinguished by a bitter taste and astringent properties.

This fruit is very astringent when unripe, but is sweet and delicious when ripe or touched by frost.

The persimmon is a delicious fruit, after the frost has destroyed its astringent properties.

Then a strong, astringent odor arose through the seams in the deck, and Ross became alive.