Cutting [adjective]

Definition of Cutting:

nasty, hateful

Synonyms of Cutting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cutting:

Sentence/Example of Cutting:

We experienced management cutting staff, liquidating real estate, and leaving customers’ orders unfulfilled.

Although the oil industry has traditionally relied on heavy-duty equipment like deep-hole drilling machines, these devices were typically not connected to the Internet or configured to work with more cutting-edge analytical systems.

This razor-sharp, stainless steel pizza cutting wheel is a great way to get even slices every time.

It’s unclear if investors will be prepared to invest in these businesses if losses spiral, so cost-cutting is the only way.

Innovative companies and cutting-edge startups have a vital role to play in developing this field, as do science and research.

What it does is something like a massive act of cutting and pasting, stitching variations on text that it has seen, rather than digging deeply for the concepts that underlie those texts.

Since March, streaming viewership has surged while cord cutting has accelerated, increasing the potential audience pool for these so-called FAST services.

If sports were still on TV, AT&T and other providers may have been able to temporarily slow down the acceleration of cord-cutting.

Media companies like NBCU and WarnerMedia may have sought out streaming as a way to untether their businesses from traditional TV as linear viewership ebbs and cord cutting accelerates.

By facilitating a more timely, efficient, and effective application of scarce risk management resources, such tools also create opportunity for cost cutting, where existing processes and systems have proven ineffective.