Piercing [adjective]

Definition of Piercing:

intense to the senses

Synonyms of Piercing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Piercing:







Sentence/Example of Piercing:

Yet, every word had in it the piercing, horrible sting of truth.

Our disaster was too awful, and the pathos of that solitary survivor too piercing.

Daylight had not yet succeeded in piercing through the night clouds.

His face was stern, his nose beak-like, and his small eyes grey and piercing.

A second cry arose, piercing the silence with needle-like shrillness.

Marsh shouted to the chairman, and the piercing whistle for order was heard.

Its notes are so strong and piercing that they are only agreeable in the woods.

And hers was full of a new and wonderful beauty, a piercing joy.

But now his vision seemed to have grown keener, to be piercing deeper.

He hesitated for an instant, embarrassed by the piercing glance she fixed upon him.