Freezing [adjective]

Definition of Freezing:

very cold

Synonyms of Freezing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Freezing:

Sentence/Example of Freezing:

We should try to stay below the 32-degree freezing mark for the first time this season, with high temperatures in the upper 20s to low 30s.

Some slick spots are a good bet in areas where temperatures fall below freezing or snow coats roads.

On any given group run in sub-freezing temperatures, it’s amazing to see the variety of hand protection on display.

After a thaw today, colder air arrives Wednesday with the possibility of snow, possibly mixed with sleet and freezing rain at times Wednesday night through Friday morning.

If one or both waves pass to our north, we would see more sleet and freezing rain or even rain, while northern Maryland and Pennsylvania would get most of the snow.

Temperatures will range from near-freezing to the mid-30s in most spots.

Easy pull-on gloves offer adjustable wrist straps to keep snow, wind, and freezing rain out.

That’s because as soon as the mercury dips below freezing and precipitation is in the forecast, local governments start spreading de-icing salts to keep roads from freezing over.

Already, where snow has changed to freezing rain, ice is glazing surfaces.

So he rushed outside in the freezing temperature, forgetting to grab his coat, to call him back.