Tropical [adjective]

Definition of Tropical:

warm and humid

Synonyms of Tropical:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tropical:

Sentence/Example of Tropical:

Winter lasts eight months, and the short summer is tropical.

The tropical forms all disappear in these zones, as the equatorial do in the tropical zones.

During the first invasion the fighting had been under a tropical sun.

The climate is tropical, and malaria, with its fever and ague, is prevalent.

Where do you suppose I'm to find him, the gorgeous, tropical anomaly?'

In this famous hot-house are the rarest palms and tropical plants.

For all heed he paid to it the sky might have been of a tropical blue.

The coastline was just ahead: green with a lush, tropical vegetation.

In short, he expected me to have to fight a probable return of tropical illness.

His practice was to wear on his head, in that tropical climate, a mangy fur cap.