Sweltering [adjective]

Definition of Sweltering:

very hot

Synonyms of Sweltering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sweltering:






Sentence/Example of Sweltering:

The place was silent with the peaceful calm of a sweltering August day.

Hard on the heels of a sweltering autumn the winter came down.

The crisis came on Sunday the 28th of June, a day of sweltering heat.

The happy, sweltering audience did not seem to see her in the first act.

The sweltering heat caused a gradual discarding of garments.

It was a sultry evening, and London was still stifling after a sweltering day.

Sweltering, crushed, and turned about, the mob began to be irritated.

The day broke with an atmosphere charged with sweltering heat.

It was the end of July; Podgoritza was sizzling and sweltering in the summer sun.

Who could think of so preposterous a thing as dinner this sweltering day?