Baking [adjective]

Definition of Baking:

very hot

Synonyms of Baking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Baking:

Sentence/Example of Baking:

The poorest people reduce it to powder by manual labour, in the same way as they grind corn preparatory to baking it into cakes.

After we had witnessed the process of sugar-baking, we entered the boats, and proceeded up the stream.

Cash then took down the little square baking pan, greased from the last baking of bread, and in that he fried his hot cakes.

White Fawn, their mother, was baking corn bread on the coals of the wigwam fire.

Picking up a can of baking-powder, he read the recipes printed thereon, but without finding just what he wanted.

The letter f marks a receptacle for water, which seems to have been used for moistening the bread while baking.

The boys were superintending the baking of a pan of muffins in a sheet-iron oven, while two swinging-lanterns gave them light.

I just can't look at those baking-powder biscuits without grabbing one; I'm that wolfish.

The baking is done, and now that we are rid of churning—what would poor Rody say to me for selling the milk and making no butter?

The standards have notches cut in them to hold an ordinary baking-powder can which is used for the boiler.