Steaming [adjective]

Definition of Steaming:

piping hot

Synonyms of Steaming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Steaming:


Sentence/Example of Steaming:

If fish is to be cooked by steaming, first clean it thoroughly.

Six-Cross-Roads lay dark and steaming in the sun that morning.

The unhappy colt was steaming like a pot-au-feu when the lid is raised.

After steaming, the fiber and its adjuncts were easily stripped from the wood.

Steaming is one of the simplest and best ways of cooking potatoes.

He was drenched through, but steaming with sweat as if he had ridden long and hard.

He departed to return presently with a black jack that was steaming fragrantly.

As soon as you notice any steaming, dip the plates in water until they are cool.

Not a breath of air fanned the steaming breath which poured from his lips.

“This is life,” Brand said, blithely, as he leaped from his steaming horse.