Piping [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Piping:

How strange it was that no birds were piping in the trees over the wall.

For them, there were no “weak, piping times of peace,”––no respite from danger.

Sweet the piping of him who sat upon the rocks and fluted to the morning sea.

Hark, I hear the piping of the shepherd and the tinkling bell of the wether.

Do not be content with ordinary measures; these are no piping times of peace.

This was the piping of a few birds now and again in the most unlikely places.

Who would have thought that Piping WillCould be so great a king?

She laughed to think that Piping WillShould be so great a king.

If the god Whim was piping, she could follow to the world's end.

They had but to pay, Mr. O'Meagher did all the piping and all the dancing too.