Reeking [verb]

Definition of Reeking:

smell of; be characterized by

Synonyms of Reeking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reeking:


Sentence/Example of Reeking:

He nodded again, with a comprehensive survey of the reeking floor.

We found ourselves in rather a big room, reeking with the smell of tobacco.

The beauty of that form, though headless, mutilated and reeking with the hot blood of their foul crime—how shall I describe it?

How can you expect me to love you, now that you are reeking with the blood of Camille?

Think of air not reeking with gasolene and a street safe to cross at any time!

His throat was tight and strangling with the reeking putrescence in the air.

Cappen took the girl's hand and followed her into a pitchy, reeking dark.

He descended from his reeking charger, the care of which he recommended to one of his grooms. '

The man was reeking with sweat, exhausted and in mortal fear.

As for his health, it was better than in "the reeking House of Commons."