Fume [verb]

Definition of Fume:

get very upset about

Synonyms of Fume:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fume:

Sentence/Example of Fume:

Millions of voters lurch to the polls, unless they already voted, in which case they remain on the sofa, burping up chocolate fumes and anxiously watching the cable-TV network of their choice.

Dizzying, potentially toxic fumes filled the scorching summer air.

In 1639 Venner published a volume entitled "A Treatise" concerning the taking of the fume of tobacco.

But the contemplation of his grief disturbs his equanimity more and more, and he begins to fret and fume.

The Commissary continued to fume about the disgraceful charges brought against his men until they reached camp.

They could only stand with lowered heads and fume and rumble.

A colourless liquor comes over first, and then a thick white fume, which condenses into the transparent liquor above mentioned.

And there indeed he found him, an excitable little man, walking up and down in a fume.

Or make a fume with an ass's hoof burnt, or gallianum, or castor, and let it be taken in with a funnel.

The town, as he sat upon the car, stretched away over the bay of railway, a level fume of lights.