Emit [verb]

Definition of Emit:

diffuse, discharge

Synonyms of Emit:

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Sentence/Example of Emit:

It’s impossible to untangle Bezos’s wealth from its source, the behemoth company that made him rich and which emits more carbon each year than, say, Portugal.

With the exception of maintenance trains, subway trains are typically powered by electricity, which means they don’t emit the same kinds of pollution as fossil fuel-burning vehicles.

The team found that the world emitted about 52,000 metric tons of CFC-11 in 2019 — a major drop from the annual average of 69,000 metric tons from 2014 to 2018.

To curb some of the worst consequences of climate change, we’ll need to emit close to zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Their superb olfactory receptors that outnumber ours threefold would let them smell many more mixtures than we can, so they can help train Deep Nose on various smells that we emit but can’t detect on our own.

San Diego County recently committed to becoming carbon-neutral by 2035, which means cutting as much emissions as the county’s economy emits.

The bugs emit chemicals called pheromones when they encounter a resource, such as food or a nesting site.

That’s because the particles have to pass through the material twice — once after being emitted and again before someone breathes them in.

In other words, moving our immense energy economy from “dirty,” carbon-emitting technologies to ones with zero emissions will cost something.

As the bacteria eats the emissions it essentially ferments them and emits ethanol.