Reek [noun]

Definition of Reek:

strong odor

Synonyms of Reek:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reek:

Sentence/Example of Reek:

In later years our lips grow tainted and reek of our passions.

The reek of spirits, the greasy rancid steam of food got Razumov by the throat.

The air, which should have been clean, was filled with the reek of unfamiliar odors.

Involuntarily I turned my head away at the reek of his breath.

Here we are all just ready to drop down, and the critters all in a reek of sweat.

So the air is dense with tobacco smoke and the reek of beer and champagne.

Macauley's cigars were of a strong brand; the air was blue with their reek.

Peoples minds in the houses are like the houses: they reek with propriety.

There was battle in the air, now blue with smoke and rank with the reek of tobacco.

It is in the names of Liberty and Brotherhood that the prisons will reek, and the headsman be glutted.