Malodorous [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Malodorous:

The whistle from the nearby, malodorous paper mill called us to lunch at that same table.

Is there any town nuisance, such as soft coal smoke or malodorous factories?

Possibly confession is to me just what those nights spent on board the yacht, lying in that malodorous harbour, are to you!

Thick, malodorous vapours arose from the squalid streets, lying back on the level, and from the crowded shipping of the port.

It has an attraction for them, often a fatal attraction, even though it be thick with dirt and very malodorous.

Even now she had shuffled back into her kitchen, leaving her ill-humored lodger to puff away at the malodorous weed as he chose.

The road curved sharply there to avoid "the Pugwash," as a particularly mushy and malodorous bog was called in local terminology.

Then she tripped on a low stone step, stumbled, and was half-carried, half-thrown into a narrow and malodorous hallway.

The more experienced drivers soon knew that he had encountered the malodorous Mephites Americana, commonly known as skunk.

But all these suggestions of purity were smothered later in the ethically malodorous transaction already mentioned.