Gamy [adjective]

Definition of Gamy:

ill-smelling; corrupt

Synonyms of Gamy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gamy:


Sentence/Example of Gamy:

A few seconds later he landed a delicately spotted, gamy fish about eight inches long, which he recognized as a grayling.

Will the little ogre pass without repugnance from the gamy flavour of a carcase to the scent of flowers?

The mountain quails are the largest and most beautiful of all the American quails, though the least hunted and the least gamy.

Like all of the family it is a gamy fish, and affords good sport to the angler.

This species fights altogether on the surface, but lacks the sterling gamy qualities of the tuna.

With reasonably light trout tackle they put up a gamy and interesting fight.

The mascalonge, as a game fish, is scarcely behind the small-mouthed bass, and is certainly more gamy than the lake trout.

Unlike Williams, he thought it perfectly feasible, and rather a neat, gamy thing for a youngster to do.

At times the work became even exciting, as a larger and more gamy fish took hold.

Perhaps he was a little prejudiced in the matter, because he had had a share in capturing the gamy fighters.