Seamy [adjective]

Definition of Seamy:

corrupt, unwholesome

Synonyms of Seamy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Seamy:

Sentence/Example of Seamy:

Suppose you come to see the seamy side of me—as you do of everybody?

She knew of life's seamy side as a theory; she could not grasp it as a fact.

The seamy side of Santa Ysobel life's recorded in those books.

Not but that we see the seamy side too—the depths as well as the heights.

In fact, he was familiar with this seamy side of Providence.

It quite often occurs that the bed-rock is seamy, with many small depressions.

I have no patience with those people who are always looking on the seamy side.

The palms were cooked—black and seamy—like an overdone roast.

This is, however, but taking the seamy side, and the humbler side.

And it's too bad to bother you with the seamy side of it just now.