Rancid [adjective]

Definition of Rancid:

rotten, strong-smelling

Synonyms of Rancid:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rancid:







Sentence/Example of Rancid:

The rancid smell of bedding struck his sensitive nostrils from within.

The smell of hot, rancid grease struck him like a solid wall.

It smelled as if it had been boiling three weeks in a rancid pot.

A pity that he goes about so unclean, smelling of rancid sanctity!

It proved to be dried beans and corn cooked with rancid tallow!

There were chuckles from the shadows that sucked in and exhaled the rancid air.

It may be rancid, smoked, or otherwise unfit for kitchen use.

Even yet a tiny warning came as he sniffed their rancid, noxious aura.

There was an odor of rancid butter, spilled wine, and paraffin oil.

Already the air of the crowded chamber was choky with heat and rancid with smell.