Soured [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Soured:

That he had needed a stimulant that day was because he had been soured and would not try with his wits about him.

May he not be worthier, at all events, than this soured temper and erring heart?

She cannot love again; but she is not soured by her experience.

He had suffered so much; it was not surprising if his disposition had soured!

But Israel returned to his home with a soured and darkened mind.

I was soured, and my life had hardly been such a life as it was meet to bring into contact with your own.

She conquered a crusty old woman, who was soured to all the world.

The milk of human kindness is soured by the intense summer heat.

If, then, he did not enjoy himself on his visit, he came away from it soured and ill-humored.

In short, all I did to please her soured her, God so permitting it.