Putrescent [adjective]

Definition of Putrescent:

rotten, strong-smelling

Synonyms of Putrescent:

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Sentence/Example of Putrescent:

Digger Indians are left to do that when the meat is putrescent.

They proved to be the lancet which cut the putrescent sore of the rising world.

But from the putrescent mass of flesh, we salvaged a second jewel from Aptor.

The putrescent are composed of decayed, or decaying, vegetable and animal substances.

The disease so putrescent in its tendencies, had originated in animal putrefaction.

Parkes says water contaminated with three to ten grains per gallon of putrescent animal matter may be hurtful.

No manures, either fossil or putrescent, afford any considerable food for plants.

The amount of putrescent matter may be estimated by the amount of oxygen consumed in destroying it.

It is probably a more reliable measure of the putrescent matter present than the total organic contamination.

Miasma, mī-az′ma, n. unwholesome exhalations arising from putrescent matter—also Mī′asm:—pl.