Frowzy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Frowzy:

Instead, we were instantly surrounded by several hundred ragged, barefooted, frowzy-headed men shouting "Fresh fish!"

Its frowzy blinds were down, and out on the Pool nothing moved but a fishing-boat sweeping in upon the first of the flood.

From windows frowzy heads were thrust out and rude women mocked at me.

Ask again, who in that frowzy garb can presume to think of her or stand within fifty miles of her orbit?

It was well painted, too, and stood out amongst its frowzy neighbors a thing approaching beauty.

The women who lounge here are generally stoutish and slatternly, with few clothes on, but plenty of frowzy hair.

The dull, black, frowzy outline of the valance above me was within an inch of being parallel with his waist.

And you can picture the turbaned Apaches with their frowzy hair and the ugly smears of paint across their grinning faces.

Over in one corner a frowzy-looking little dame was sitting, reading a book.

He expected a frowzy little waif from an orphanage, blear-eyed, sad, soulful and tiresome.