Slatternly [adjective]

Definition of Slatternly:


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Sentence/Example of Slatternly:

For the most part they were heavy, frowsy creatures, slatternly and uncouth.

Minerva was a woman of pretty good sense, but of slatternly habits.

Slatternly women and scared children bolted for their burrows.

If they are slatternly and dirty, the largest cottages would not improve them.

These were slatternly in appearance, but were very attentive and kind-hearted.

A slatternly female, whom I supposed to be the servant, admitted me.

So slatternly she'd gotten to be, he hardly cared to take her to bed.

She was just a lazy, slatternly, easy-going body, rather given to drink.

She foresaw the musty room to which she was going, the slatternly incubus of a man.

He called to the slatternly woman who was crouching over the fire.