Curdled [adjective]

Definition of Curdled:

rotten, strong-smelling

Synonyms of Curdled:

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Sentence/Example of Curdled:

Through the black fir-forestThunder harsh and dry, Shattering down the snow-flakesOff the curdled sky.

The hangman's hands were about my neck,—the blood curdled in my veins as I felt the deadly embrace of the cord.

With her heel she pushed a rock into the water, and it thumped and splashed and curdled the little pool.

They then brought us a dozen of thin cakes of bread, with a large jug of curdled milk, called by them yogort.

Whey is first taken and curdled with vinegar, and the meat is laid in this, the whey and vinegar being changed every two days.

On a large flat stone we saw a quantity of curdled, half-dry blood, and behind it lay the entrails of a man.

He came back in a minute or less; and he carried a Thing in his arms which curdled my blood—it did!

Then rose those hideous war-cries which have curdled the boldest blood and blanched the manliest cheek.

And the little girl struck and scratched and made a curdled face and echoed, “Harpy, your own self!”

This custom exists at the present day, the curdled milk being known by the name of "leben."