Savory [adjective]

Definition of Savory:

pleasing, delicious in flavor

Synonyms of Savory:

Opposite/Antonyms of Savory:

Sentence/Example of Savory:

There was, indeed, but little said, but the words were savory and Scriptural.

Wine is usually optional in savory dishes; it gives richness only.

Their nostrils were regaled with the savory fumes of the cooking meat.

Faith, Mary, you're a good cook; that's as savory a stew as ever I tasted.

This was after dinner, which had been a savory meal served by a man cook.

Bears were fatter and better to the palate than the most "savory" pigs in France.

He had met Stillwater at Wichita, where the gambler's reputation was far from savory.

And then the hot tea and savory dishes, the cushioned chair and the books!

There was something hot and savory in it—something delicious.

He sprinkled salt over the savory meat and brought it to Odysseus.