Unappetizing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unappetizing:

She did not add that the cold lunch had been so unappetizing she had not touched it.

He spread his blanket and drew from his pack the unappetizing food.

How poorly the food was cooked, how unappetizing was the serving!

He threw a doleful glance at the unappetizing tea in Sara's cup.

Another specialty of Cornwall are the yellow saffron cakes, so unappetizing in appearance to those unused to them.

Remember that the best-made confections will be unappetizing when presented or served unattractively.

About the most unappetizing thing I can think of is lumpy mashed potato, or mashed potato that is heavy and unseasoned.

"To-night's the night," remarked Smith, as the two prisoners partook of their frugal, unappetizing meal.

The mixture of shredded dried meat and grease did not look very inviting, but its odor, when heated, was not unappetizing.

The notion that bees swallow the nectar and then unswallow it is as erroneous as it is unappetizing.